Zurich: A Place to Live

Zurich is not a large metropolis, but its high quality of life, international flair, and economic importance make it a truly global city with worldwide influence and standing. The entire region is a key motor of the Swiss economy.


Quality of Life

Quality of Life in Zurich? The Bahnhofstrasse with its fashionable shops is the first image that springs to mind. But quality of life is not just a matter of affluence and shopping - it starts with the basics. Safety and security, for instance: Zurich is regarded as a particularly safe city. Medical care in Zurich is first-class. More information...

Mercer Study (Quality of Life)

Diverse Range of Cultural Activities

Prestigious, varied and international – very apt words to describe Zurich's cultural life. Its flagship is the splendid Zurich Opera House, which stages outstanding productions featuring the world's leading artistes. Theaters, museums, and prestigious exhibitions enrich the program of cultural activities throughout the year. Events such as the Theater Spectacle and the Street Parade attract devotees from all over Europe.  

Nature on the Doorstep

Stretch out on the grass in the city center, or take a dip in the lake or the river? Yes you can - in Zurich. The city's geographical location also contributes to its excellent quality of life. Lake Zurich, several rivers, and the impressive panorama of the Alps provide an attractive natural setting.

Families and those seeking relaxation feel just as comfortable in Canton Zurich as ambitious sports enthusiasts. Numerous parks and extensive woods and forests offer plenty of scope for recreation close to the city. A variety of inviting areas for hiking and skiing can be reached in less than an hour from the city center. 

A First-Class Knowledge Center

The state school and education system enjoys an excellent reputation - and rightly so, because Zurich's public schools offer teaching of outstanding quality. A varied range of international and bilingual schools can also be found in and around the city.

Zurich's international standing as a knowledge center is based on several seats of learning including the university, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH) (regarded as the best university in the German-speaking region) and several other institutes of higher education. These establishments attract numerous foreign students. However, leading-edge research is not limited to these renowned institutions; the entire economic area resembles a densely-packed science park with countless private and public research centers. More...

A Place to Live: Ideally Positioned

Apart from the two cities of Zurich and Winterthur, the most popular residential areas in Canton Zurich are the right and left shores of Lake Zurich and the area surrounding the Greifensee. Public transport provides excellent access to these areas with their very appealing scenery. More information on connectivity...

Internationally Minded

Zurich is traditionally a cosmopolitan city and most of its inhabitants speak a foreign language in addition to German. Newcomers moving to the city from abroad quickly feel at home here. (International) clubs and associations offer plenty of opportunities for newcomers to strike up contacts. Children whose mother tongue is not German can integrate with no language problems at all. As well as the excellent public schools, there are numerous international and bilingual schools in and around Zurich. Childcare facilities are well developed. More information: here.